Entrepreneurship course in Tampere in English

Koulutus / Yrityksen perustaminen

Ajankohta 16.11.2015 - 16.11.2015
Paikka Pinninkatu 53 B, 4th floor, Tampere
Pinninkatu 53 B, 4th floor, 33100, Tampere (katso kartalla)
Järjestäjä Valmennusmajakka
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The entrepreneurship course in Tampere will be arranged for persons planning a business, who have a concrete business idea and who wish to gain in-depth knowledge in entrepreneurship in English.

The course is tailored for persons aiming at international business.

In order to take part in the course, a person must be prepared to study in English. The course includes four (4) contact teaching evenings, four (4) webinars, independent distance learning days, small group meetings and personal consultation.

Contact teaching will be arrenged in Tampere (Pinninkatu 53 B, 4th floor, 33100 Tampere) on following evenings at 17.00-20.15:
Monday 16.11.
Friday 20.11.
Monday 14.12.
 Friday 18.12.

Webinars will be arranged on following evenigs at 17.00-20.15:
Monday 23.11.
Thursday 26.11.
Monday 7.12.
Thursday 10.12.

No teaching on week 49 (30.11.-6.12.2015)

During the course, everyone will make a practical and viable early business plan for their own business idea by using tools in English on the internet.

For example my.enterprisefinland.fi and www.tulosmajakka.fi.

Successfully completed course enables you to make an application for a start-up grant.