Startup Funding, business models and how to make money

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Englanninkielinen työpaja Uudella Tehtaalla.
Ajankohta 17.2.2016 klo 09:30 - 12:30
Paikka New Factory
Väinö Linnan aukio 15, 3rd floor, 33210, Tampere (katso kartalla)
Järjestäjä New Factory
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An idea becomes business when someone is ready to pay for it, either through an investment or through sales. Startups have many sources of funding – you need to learn to consider pros and cons and requirements of each source. This workshop covers the different sources of funding for a startup, how to evaluate them and choose the one best for your business, and how to create Plan A and Plan B for funding. You will also find out why Cash Flow is more important than Profit and Loss.

Workshop is designed and held by serial entrepreneur Kaija Pöysti. Read more of her from LinkedIn