Stream Startup Festival

Seminaari / Muu yrityskehitys

Ajankohta 9.10.2018 klo 09:00 - 20:00
Paikka Kuivaamo, Hiedanranta
Tehdaskartanonkatu 24, 33400 , Tampere
Järjestäjä Stream Startup Festival
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Stream Startup Festival will take place for the first time on October 9th 2018 at the premises of the old brick factory of Kuivaamo in Hiedanranta, Tampere.
The event is part of Tampere Smart City Week.

Stream brings practical support and tools of growth for early stage startups.
The program is all about that learning curve: getting out a better team member, a better startup, a better investor!
There are multiple stages and spaces to stroll around - a full day of interesting workshops, speakers, startup booths and networking.

From Israel, the world's number 1 startup nation, we will have 2 top Israeli angel investors Gideon Ben Zvi and Eran Yarkoni and Tamir Huberman from Yissum - Technology Transfer of Hebrew University discussing the key to Israel’s innovation success and Israel's status as "Startup Nation".
Second panel on commercialization of university technology as Israeli academic institutions are pioneer in managing technology transfer and bringing innovations from University bench to market.

How to build a dream team?
Israeli Unit 8200 criteria-based team evaluation analysis. Screening model to minimize risks in business. Right people in the team bring the success. In investor/startup fireside, come and learn how to build a team that is psychometrically measured - based on individual qualities that are important in early stage growth companies.

Corporates as startup investors?
Corporates are seeking faster growth and started realizing only internal R&D won't do it. The key to industry disruption - startups.
Startups start seeing corporates as clients and path of accelerating their growth.
We will address this by showcasing corporations that work with startups - venture programs, incubators/accelerators or hackathons - to share their stories on how cooperation is done and what are the benefits and challenges for both sides.

The event is a great opportunity to expand your network and get new clients.

Together we can build a stronger startup ecosystem in Finland!

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Stream Startup Festival, Tampere, 09.10.2018
Stream Startup Festival, Tampere, 09.10.2018